Cochineal scarlet experiments

I did a few experiments to see if I could get scarlet with cochineal and a yellow as straight cochineal even with an acid modifier does not get you there.

The silk and wool were mordanted separately with 25% potassium alum sulfate.  The recipes were cochineal and Osage orange 10%, cochineal 10% Osage orange 5%, cochineal 10%, Osage orange 2%, a separate experiment with calcium nitrate, cochineal 10% quebracho yellow 10%, cochineal 10% Himalayan Rhubarb 5%.  The cochineal was powder from bugs.

The most successful was cochineal 10%, Osage orange 5% on silk.  I also liked the cochineal Himalayan rhubarb on wool.

Below are the Osage orange variations.  The top one is the the one with the most Osage orange; bottom one with the least.


And, the calcium nitrate experiment, quebracho yellow, Himalayan rhubarb, top to bottom. 

I finally put all of these on cards.  The recipe that was the most successful Cardinal red was the Osage Orange at 2%





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