Cotton scarves painted with ferrous acetate

This is an old project which I finally finished.  Warps were made with scoured organic cotton, mordanted via the methods in Turkey Red Journal, painted with ferrous acetate of various percentages, neutralized in chalk, rinsed, then dyed in madder and lac.  The warps languished until this spring.  The warp was beamed back to front and threaded using the dogwood draft in Strickler’s book.  The weft is also organic cotton dyed in lac.  The warp was very sticky and a lot of threads were broken in the first scarf.  The second scarf was better as I made sure to check behind the heddles every time the warp was brought forward and split out the threads where necessary.  Kind of a pain but the only thing to do short of rebeaming and having the heddles untangle the threads or cutting off the warp.  I like the end result although I need to figure out a different method for cotton warps if I do this again.  


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