Organic indigo vats

In anticipation of the class I am teaching at Taos Wool Festival this year, I decided to get start some organic indigo vats.  I used Garcia’s 1-2-3 recipe more or less.  Some of the materials were hard to measure like that.

The first vat was an aloe vat.  I ground up some aloe leaves, added indigo and lime.  The ph was around 12.3 on my ph meter.  This was the one that was hard to measure.  The results are below.  It looks weak to me so I will add some more aloe to see if that helps the pot.


001 002  003008

The second vat I used green tea.  As it is an antioxidant, I thought it might work.  Not really.  The ph is high enough but the indigo was clumped at the bottom.

006 005 004

I have added some fructose to this vat to see if that will revive it.



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