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Taos Wool Festival 2012 – Samples from Botanical Colors Workshop

March 4, 2013

These are samples from a workshop I took at Taos Wool Festival 2012 that was taught by Kathy Hattori.  We used a combination of the botanical colors liquid dyes and a woad and indigo pot.  Some of the samples are wool superwash, some are wool.  The cowl is knit from the non superwash samples.   The first sample in the card is an orphan – a sample of the 50% wool 50% silk from LaLana dyed with chamisa.  As it was from Taos and I purchased this year, I put it in the sample card.

cowl photo sample card twf 2 2012 sample card twf 2012


Piece knit with other samples – a pattern by Lee Meredith – Parallel Lines


yarma_8597993064_m yarma_8598988762_m


Dye day – reds

March 3, 2013

A typical dye run.  The first picture is a 50/50 alpaca dye that was something I didn’t like so it is overdyed in indigo.  The rest are churro skeins, some are grey some are white.

The dyes are myrobalan, osage orange, logwood, indigo, cochineal, brazilwood, and madder.  I have been playing around with different acids with the cochineal (tartaric and oxalic).  The ph needs to get to 3.0 before the reds will appear.

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