More Black Experiments

I wanted to redo some of the black experiments in a more controlled setting.  Sometimes, in classes, you are not sure what is done in the class.  I redid some of the recipes from the Taos Wool Festival and added a few.  All experiments were done over 3 dips of indigo on wool.  I just showed the white dyed yarns in the pictures.  The lac and himalayan rhubarb seemed most promising although with the right contrast, all of these would work.  I also redid the cochineal but it did not work as well as the lac.  I used equal parts lac and HR and lac and OO.

3 dips in indigo and undyed yarns

Overdyes from left to right Madder RT, Lac + HR, Lac + Osage Orange

Overdyes with iron, from botton to top, madder RT, Lac + HR, Lac + Osage


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