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Cotton gamp

June 3, 2012

In May, I got together with some friends to repeat a cotton gamp experiment. In the original attempt, we had not set the iron in chalk as we should have, and the iron migrated throughout the piece. The cotton was mordanted with a recipe from Liles, the iron painted on in strips with different % of iron and then set with chalk, the dyes were thickened with gum trag and painted on in a grid fashion. After all of the painting was finished, the cloth was heat set. It was discovered part way through the process that one of the grids (we were doing multiples) had not been mordanted. I took this piece, let it dry, and then painted the back with a solution of 20% alum acetate (20 grams of alum acetate/100 ml of water. This was dried outside (it dried in a day) and then I soaked it in chalk (20 grams/100 ml of water). I heat set it in the sun and then rinsed it out. The yellow dyes and logwood bled a little when I painted it with the mordant solution – otherwise there wasn’t a lot of rinse out.