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Dyeing Gloves – Take 2

March 9, 2012

I was asked to dye some white wool gloves with indigo.  For the first attempt, I used organic indigo vats.  The result was a bit streaky – a bit of a denim look.  The requester wanted a bit more even end result.  The second attempt I scoured the gloves with a wool wash (I also did this with the first attempt), mordanted the gloves with 10% alum, and dyed them.  One set, the lighter pair were dyed with Botanical Colors liquid indigo – at 25.5%.  I tried it with lower % but they were pretty light.  The second set was dyed with a thio indigo vat (two dips).  Hide glue was added to this vat.  In the latter case I dipped the gloves in  water to knock off the excess indigo between dips.  In both cases the results was more even than the first attempt.

Organic vat


Liquid indigo - saxon blue




The line is a shadow on the thio vat gloves.


Gloves in thio, liquid indigo, and organic vats.