Hopi Black Beans and Hopi Blue Corn

I was gifted with a package of Hopi Black Beans and Hopi Blue Corn.  I tried to dye with black beans once before and had no success so was not sure what would happen.  I simmered the corn for a very long time, a couple of hours, took out the corn, and added mordanted protein fiber.  The skeins are wool, the bundle is a mix of different kinds of wool and silk.  It is a nice purple shade tending towards pink.  The yarn dyed with the corn is on the top, the beans are on the bottom of the picture.

The Hopi Black Beans were simmered for an hour then removed.  The same bundle of skeins was added.  The color is a little more towards a grey purple.  I don’t believe the dyes are lightfast/washfast.  But it is a nice color.

Both dyed yarns.


One Response to “Hopi Black Beans and Hopi Blue Corn”

  1. judithharrington19 Says:

    I believe the blue corn is also able to protect oneself from negative energies.

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