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Hopi Black Beans and Hopi Blue Corn

November 26, 2011

I was gifted with a package of Hopi Black Beans and Hopi Blue Corn.  I tried to dye with black beans once before and had no success so was not sure what would happen.  I simmered the corn for a very long time, a couple of hours, took out the corn, and added mordanted protein fiber.  The skeins are wool, the bundle is a mix of different kinds of wool and silk.  It is a nice purple shade tending towards pink.  The yarn dyed with the corn is on the top, the beans are on the bottom of the picture.

The Hopi Black Beans were simmered for an hour then removed.  The same bundle of skeins was added.  The color is a little more towards a grey purple.  I don’t believe the dyes are lightfast/washfast.  But it is a nice color.

Both dyed yarns.


Fall Dyeing

November 11, 2011

Fall is the time for batch dye runs.  Sometimes the weather makes it a little difficult; it’s freezing at night and there have already been some snow storms.  So the activity is weather dependent and it takes longer to get the yarns dry.  I’ve been experimenting with raw dye stuffs as opposed to extracts and some different natural dye sources.  Here are some of the results.

These are dyes from a company in India.  They are not exactly extracts but they are powders and the interesting thing is that there are some combinations with indigo that do not require an indigo vat.  The dyes are available from Canada –  They were written about in spin-off issue with natural dyes.  These are all dye mixes with the exception of the alkanet (on the bottom).  These are wool dye skeins mordanted with alum.

I also tried the Aquarelle liquid indigo from Botanical Colors –  Again, this is indigo that does not require a vat and will allow for colors to be mixed easily to get greens … It gives a more turquoise color on wool – the bottom one is indigo – the top one is aquarelle.  It works best on protein.  This is some Henry’s Attic yarn mordanted with alum.  The next experiment will be with some mixes.

The other experiment is with dye stuffs as opposed to extracts – logwood and alkanet.  I also dyed with some extracts to round out the color range.  All wool mordanted with alum.

And at my class with Jay, he gifted us with some extract samples from France – chlorophyll and madder.  This is 20/2 silk.